Friday, June 25, 2010

Don’t Rain on My Parade!


How can you feel weak after belting this out? In your kitchen, at your desk or up shouting to the empty house. Try it.

BTW, Funny Girl is a great movie for a rainy afternoon.

Vanity card:
It has been oppressively humid with spurts of rain here for the past couple of weeks which makes me think of cap and trade and Al Gore and Larry David. After all this is a vanity card, how convenient that all parties make for great puns. Although I have no idea if it is true, or do I care, you can see why David’s ex-wife might find a self-proclaimed genius, Al, more attractive than a truly brilliant man, Larry. C’mon, Big Bang Theory IS brilliant!. Once cap and trade is passed, Al, the rich and insiders with a stake in the “trade” company will have blessed air conditioning and the rest of us poor schmucks will be “capped”. And, let me tell you, I might trade Larry for Al right now myself to get some relief from the suffocating dank air. I’m melting here, and being environmentally responsible, in the not-so-cool village of Stowe. Disclaimer: not at all a political commentary.


DollZandThingZ said...

Well..I blogged about the weather, too. A different take though--

The weekend should be nicer...I hope!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It is hot as blazes here, Nancy. But we do have a breeze. Inland Florida not so much.

I am always afraid that my next door neighbor will hear me belting out a tune. But does that stop me from singing? Hardly! LOL! I even sing IN THE YARD in St. Augustine. It runs the criminal element off and is a direct link to a decline in tourists walking the neighborhood. ;-)


Sheila :-)

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Oh Nancy, I never know what to expect.. and i luv that. At first I thought.. don't rain on my sale (this weekend, right?).. oh but you clever girl certainly changed it up.. HA. BTW.. Love Glee music, not the show. Too "much" for the targeted viewing age IMO.

Nancy said...

I guess I'm WAY too obtuse. I have hints in the tags.

Here's the deal...we received our relo package which amounts to a huge pay cut! Other than the isolation, as southerners moving northeast has precluded all activities due to cost. I mean NO meals out, NO movies, etc. Try that one on four four years in Vermont after living comfortably for 20 years. And, now with some relief in sight with a relo, they CUT the pay by 1/3! We are just about stroking out. They certainly "rained on my parade".

On the vanity card...with all the important news out there, why is Al Gore's private life getting one minute of air time? To distract us from the important news? This is just my odd take on why AG might be more attractive...'cuz I have NO air conditioning and have been suffocating for two weeks. Humidity that the Vermonsters swear only exists in Florida. HA!!!

Hubs going into battle with the company today. No one should have such stress when they are a professional and are the "closer" that keeps the money flowing in.

The bad words I used last night don't even begin to cover it. I need to make up some new ones.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

See darling, I try to avoid anything that wreaks the name Al & Gore.. or any of the like. I tend to put my fingers in my ears.. babbling.. blah..blah.. blah.

No way in the world.. my simple little mind got your personal situation out of this post.. lol.. but I do understand now. I am really sorry they have so badly rained on your parade. I do hope things start looking up.. again. Oh.. and we have all kinds of bad word here in the midwest.. let me know if you want to borrow a few.. like "dang~gum~it", or "shoot~fire~h*ll".. HA!

Nancy said...

oooo, good ones, Amy! and, don't worry, it is possible those bad people you avoid will make themselves known without you even knowing it is need to hear about it.

DollZandThingZ said...

Thanks for the update.

We are in our THIRD YEAR of pay cut and TENTH year of no husband is in a high tech field, too.

I cannot get that song out of my head now! I love Streisand but hadn't thought of her ages.

Haven't you heard? Gossip and "infotainement" is in...hard news and journalism is out.

Good luck with negotiations. And yes--the humidity is just as bad these days in New England as the South! Maybe worse sometimes!

Nancy said...

Yes, Helen, as a news addict (trying to wean myself off) I do find it ridiculous that we refuse to get down to the real work in D.C. - all of them - ALL! D or R or I!!!