Friday, June 11, 2010

Just an ordinary 24 hours, and then

Wednesday evening:

Actually, the routine was a bit different. My husband had a golfing date with a co-worker and we pulled my clubs from the depths of storage where they have been for 20 years in one state or another. As they played, I hit a bucket of balls because that’s “what you do until you are ready for the course”.


The row of carts in the background is where we parted. They went out on the course; I grabbed 7 and 9 irons and walked on. 

All by myself, I tried to remember the lessons and the advice from my last foray 10 years ago.


The goal was the first little sign marked 100. I tried very hard to get the ball to land somewhere near the yellow flag.  It became clear I would be visiting the driving range at least a few more times before hitting the course.


My bucket of balls was empty long before they finished. At this point, I thought the big story of the day was the dirt road the owner told me to take to find them when I asked for directions to the cart path.

“There isn’t one. Go back to where you were (an aside here, this was off a separate parking lot) and walk up the road because they will be coming down that way.”

I began my search just around that bend.





Found them at last! I walked behind the cart for the last three holes since walking was my main objective of the evening. It was difficult to convince my husband’s Romanian friend that indeed this lady WANTED to walk. His old school manners required him to offer over and over to let me ride. What a sweetheart!

We made it back the the barn…errrrr, clubhouse, and sat down for a beer because if you are golfing with the men, that’s part of the outing. This is when I found out there was a company wide meeting the next day. As is often the case, big news trickles out via co-workers, not my husband.

The rumor was that “some people are going to be relocated to San Jose, CA to make servicing the customer easier”. However, he thought they wouldn’t transfer anyone that owned a house. That would be us. I just sat there dumbfounded, a scene that would repeat itself over and over in the next 24 hours, saying, “But, our house is for sale!”

I just knew this would be a full blown war. I would battle my husband, telling him he HAD to let them know we wanted to go. He would battle with the company to make this happen. And, another huge stress would be added to our list.

Thursday noon:

Although we made our home available to the realtor while we were gone for the month of May, the actual paperwork and public listing still needed to be completed. This was our pre-arranged appointment time. We have been planning to sell totally unrelated to the news we were about to receive. Thankfully, we had not found time to research a new place to live here in Vermont. It is not an easy task…actually the most difficult location we have ever been for housing.

Thursday 2:00 p.m.:

Company meeting for my husband.

Thursday 3:00 p.m.:

Mark called me and we talked for about one minute. “Transfer to Sunnyvale (San Jose), CA. Relocation packages are out tomorrow.”  With five relocations behind us, and the move to Vermont, we are seasoned professionals. Relo translates to “negotiation” in our family.

Thursday 6:00 p.m.:

Mark returns home from work and informs me it is NOT what anyone thought. 80% of the company has been laid off! Manufacturing is now going to be done in Germany at the company headquarters. The application engineers (us) and field service people will work out of a new California office. August is the target date!

In the end, the choice is to move or resign. Resigning is not a good option for parents of a college student. And, while CA is far away from family, we do still have friends there. Mark started his career 25 years ago just down the street from where we think the office will be located. We had great times exploring the San Francisco Bay area during that one year stay.

Last night we began celebrating with and calling and face booking everyone who may be interested and probably some who are not. Amidst our jubilation at finally rejoining “the real world” soon, we couldn’t help thinking about those who will no longer be employed in tough times in an expensive state (VT) with few businesses and none similar. It was just four years ago that we were in a similar situation.

Blindsided! all but Ecstatic! here. I have never seen something this big kept quiet for six months.

(I welcome any tips from the bay area! Oh, apologies again for iPhone pics. The scenery was as breathtaking as I was breathless walking around that golf course. I hope a bit of it translated to the post.)


Amy said...

Well Nancy, this sounds like an answer to prayers for you. I know you're so ready to bid farewell to VT. I'm truly happy for you. I hope your transition is as smooth as possible. It's true it is very sad for those loosing their jobs.. That part is devastating. Thank goodness your husband job is obviously very important to the company. I'm sure that was a nervous meeting for him. Great turn out though!
Ceeeeellebrate Good times.. Come on! Keep dancing girl!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Nancy, I am SO happy for you and your husband. How exciting and wonderful! California here you come!


NanaNay said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog.
I hope your move goes well, it sounds like you want to go.

Good luck.

Dawn said...

Hi Nancy, I know you will be much happier in CA with the sunny skies and the warm temps, but....I think a part of you will find you might miss New England? The photos are beautiful and golfing with guys?! I've been asked but politely declined, to much male bonding in the after party!

Lynn said...

Do you know the way to San Jose? I am happy happy happy for you, and who knows...maybe we can meet half way, someday. Where would half way be, I wonder?

Susie Jefferson said...


This is just so brilliant - exactly what you needed and were hoping for! I bet you are so thankful you finished all that decorating before you went away to New Orleans! California - oh wow. I've always wanted to go there. Fabulous shops, etc etc. This is so wonderful - I am ecstatically happy for you!

RE the golf course - good for you for persevering... now you just need to brush up your game a bit before you hit California. I bet this news has done wonders for your dieting will power!

Sending lots of love and Happy Packing Thoughts your way.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Ahhh...nothing quite like the 19th hole after a day of golfing!
Congrats on your new journey! Enjoy!

Christine said...

I haven't been around blog land much lately. Well, I've been making cards and stuff and posting to my blog but just haven't been hopping much! I'm so happy for you to be going to CA. I know how much you want to live around civilization again!!! Good luck to you!

Now I'm off to see some other things I missed out on!


DollZandThingZ said...

You must be so happy! Start packing!

Lisa said...

Lovely!! And you want to leave? LOL
I hope you find a really great cottage in CA!!

merrilymarylee said...

Will you be looking for a house with an MCM kitchen? Our kitchen here (a 50's ranch) is sort of MCM, to keep it true to the house design. When we remodeled, the first thing we did was get rid of the hardwood floor. The flooring we replaced it with reflects light instead of absorbing it. Amazing how much it brightened the kitchen and how much easier this one is to care for.

We've had multiple moves, so I'm good at recommending moving companies, giving moving tips, etc., but know zilch about moving to California except that it sounds like a fabulous adventure!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Nancy! WOW! I'm so thankful that things worked out. Aren't you glad that you got the house all ready??? WOW!

Will the company buy the house from you, or are you still responsible for selling it? I have all sorts of questions, but I am happy that you are going to be in California. SF is a beautiful city. We will, however, miss you in Florida.


Sheila :-)