Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nordic French Country in a Mid Century Modern

Is it possible? I received an email yesterday mentioning our dining room. It is my favorite room in the house, too. Which has me wondering…if our existing furniture, as works, is whitewashed, could I decorate a mid-century modern home in a simple Nordic Country style? Sure, anything is doable, but will I love it?

Now I am thinking what will I keep? Which items will fit in a tiny home which is something I have never experienced? White seems to be the unifying factor and some may make the cut.

Here is a link to a marvelous Mid Century Modern home in San Mateo, a bit farther north than we will probably live, but an area in which we have many friends from the Nikon days. It may work with a fusion of my two loves, MCM and Nordic simplicity in white.

(On the job front, the “deadline” was not kept. On the home offer, the ten days are up and no word. In this crazy world, as a result of being a stay at home mom, I, who would dog both of these items to conclusion for the poor people impacted by the outcome, have little hope of being hired anywhere. BUT, irresponsible people have jobs. Go figure! I’m just sayin’, why can’t a little update be given? Oh wait, maybe this gives us a clue in the shutting down of a fab and a market that only sells a few houses a YEAR! And, why Al Gore can have time for a massage while recommending we spend an extra two hours a day walking and biking to work. You have to say one thing and do another to be of value in our society. That’s my vanity card – ala Larry David at the end of his shows – for the day.)


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I lurv you dining room Nancy. Everything about it appeals to me. It is simple (which I like) comfortable, and inviting. Just looked at the MCM house. Wow.. I sent a link to my hub's.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Nancy, I hate that you are in knots over all of this, and I hope and pray that something good comes out of this soon.

I love your DR, too. I have seen successful marriages of mid-century modern homes and antique tables and chairs. You can always find modern or industrial elements to use on the walls or on the sideboard or even the table to make the eclectic look work.