Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December 17, 1903 Owego NY Tioga County Record



I have always known my great grandmother died as a result of childbirth. My grandmother was born on December 13, 1903 and in four days she was without a mother.

My grandmother was named Leoria just as her mother was twenty-two years earlier and adopted by her mother’s parents.

Great-grandmother: Leoria Carolyn Wilbur Meeker

Grandmother: Leoria Carolyn Meeker Wilbur

She told me this story many times always emphasizing they had the same names with the last names reversed.

The trained psychologist portion of me is going all the places you are and more. This baby is without her mother and then adopted by her older grandparents. Her grandfather “father” fought in The Civil War. And, they lost their only child. Wow! It must have been tough for little Leoria.

Other things of  note in this little piece:

  • Julia Tripp must be a sister-in-law of Lavina Tripp Wilbur, my grandmother’s grandmother soon to be adoptive mother.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tripp were my great-great-grandmother’s parents who lived in Owego.


Lynn said...

WOW!!! Don't you just love genealogy?
My sister does this and It is so exciting when she finds something new!
Just WOW! ...and life goes on.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Isn't that interesting.......I've been doing a tiny bit of research about my family and would really like to be able to put the pieces together...... Such a sad start, but obviously you're a happy ending to that little story! Smile.

Big hugs,